Creative direction. Strategic design.


Here is my description of Apkudo


Doing it by design


It all starts with research into the company, products, competitors and target markets and leads into a brainstorming session to discuss your company, products, inspirations, vision and competition. 


From the brainstorming sessions several ideas will emerge as differentiators. These will be used to create your company brand values and business voice. This stage is critical to your brand identity development because it provides the necessary objective goals for the visual design and message architecture.


Structured brainstorming to generate ideas.


This is where it all comes together and you get to see the best ideas turned into a visual design.


A visual direction is selected is turned into a concrete, fully conceived action plan.  


A followup evaluation to discuss performance of the new brand identity and make adjustments, if necessary. 




Building a brand step-by-step for a tech startup.

Apkudo is a free service that tests apps on all Android devices. As a tech startup they asked me to design and launch a brand identity in less than a month. Plus they wanted a basic website and printed materials. My approach was a good old fashioned hackathon to gather feedback, understand user expectations, analyze competitors and build thing quickly. The result was an effortless launch with a lot of happy partners.


1. Investigate

Learning about competitors from websites, listening to key stakeholders with interviews and workshops.


2. Differentiate

Defining a brand architecture. 

Apkudo targets two audiences: App developers and Android device manufacturers. Android app developers use Apkudo to install, test and optimize their apps on absolutely every single Android phone and tablet for free. Android phones are all different because they are each made by different companies. Testing ensures that their apps will work on all devices. Android phone manufacturers pay to use Apkudo to test their devices on a wide range of apps – provided by the app developers, of course.

A brand architecture based on the how people use Apkudo was created from this discovery session. Instead of brand values, I recommended a hapkido metaphor – The Practice of Apkudo.


3. Ideate

Going from written strategy to visual design.

Visual brainstorming and sketching are used to discover the visual dynamic of the descriptive words from the brand architecture. These visual explorations reveal visual concepts, colors and photo style.


4. Prototype

Presentation of the two best visual identities.


Apukudoburra, (Appy) is spokesbird for the practice of Apkudo. Like his distant cousin, kookaburra, Appy likes to laugh and enjoys keeping things simple. When he isn’t practicing apkudo and catching bugs he can be found socializing with his friends.

Bee ‘bot  likes to work in large groups or swarms and is very social. It makes friends easily because it is always finding new ways to make things easier and more fun. He is a hard worker who buzzes around finding new ways to improve things for his buddies.


5. Implement

In the end only one visual direction is selected and is turned into a concrete, fully conceived action plan. Here are the final brand identity, website design, data sheet and advertising.