Smart design. Creative direction.



Smart design. Creative direction.

My expertise in brand identity design and team building has led me to be creative director for UK’s Omobono and marketing director for Sweden’s Blueair, mentoring teams, designing consumer branding programs, website design and social media campaigns.

I also work with B2B global companies such as Deloitte and Accenture to develop brand strategy and web design. I advise tech startups from the ground up and teach design strategy to a new generation of designers at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Resume available on LinkedIn

I enjoy travel adventures and have explored qigong in Beijing, fished the Boundary Waters, hiked the Appalachian Trail, hunted the ever-elusive Northern lights and have a continuing goal to swim the seven ancient seas.


What people say

Dave brings an uncommonly sophisticated level of creativity to his work and the teams he leads. His applied work is remarkable.
— Jill Dudones, Strategist, Omobono
Particularly strong in mentoring and getting the best out of designers. He does this in a very supportive and collaborative way that is rare in people at his level.
— Tom Kelly, Managing Director, Omobono
Dave is f***ing amazing. He is our secret weapon!
— Kate Lyons, Marketing Director, Apkudo
Dave can quickly analyze a situation—what needs to change what already works.
— Herman Pihlträd, COO, Blueair
David always thinks beyond the assignment at hand, and is a great writer to boot.
— Mary Bahr, President, MAB Advertising